Helping you custom-design your family’s perfect holiday, Sailboat Charter Lake Ontario offers a range of options that will make your time with us one to remember. Whether you’re looking for just a day on the water, a full-week charter, or even something more romantic like an overnight sail or sunset charter, you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

While we offer various options, we also pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. So whether you want to spend the day on the water with your group of friends or your special someone, we can tailor a charter that feels just right for you.

Expectations on Sailboat Charter Lake Ontario Holiday

1. Group Size

For every charter, you are welcome to have up to 8 people on board. However, if your group exceeds the limit, rates will increase accordingly. Sailboat Charter Lake Ontario understands that the larger the groups, the more fun you can have, so we do not recommend exceeding the eight-person limit. We also understand unique situations. So if any of your guests are under 18 years old, please inform us in advance.

2. Boat Selection

We have a variety of boats to choose from to accommodate your group size, and depending on what you are looking for, we can accommodate you in several ways. Our fleet includes large and small sailboats and large power yachts, each with unique characteristics. For example, our Classic Schooner is great for large groups, but if you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, you might opt for one of our smaller sailboats like the Sunfish or the Endeavour. It’s important to let us know what kind of experience you are looking for so that we can tailor your trip accordingly.

3. Flexibility

Sailboat Charter Lake Ontario is proud to offer you various options and more than 100 different watercraft options to choose from, so you can spend your time on the water just the way you want. We also offer several unique paddling excursions that allow you to visit new areas, including Point Pelee National Park and Blue Heron Point, allowing us to exceed your expectations as we take you beyond the shores of eastern Canada.

4. Excursions

Sailing holidays, the Mediterranean has handpicked several unique excursions to offer you, ranging from a dolphin encounter in Oneida Bay to paddling to Point Pelee National Park, allowing your experience on the water to be as exciting as possible. Our crew is also a subject matter expert on Cape Cod who can help you with your Cape Cod guidebook so that it is filled with all the information you need for the perfect trip.

Experience These Things With Sailing Holidays Greece

1. Setting on a Greek island

Greece’s islands are some of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the Mediterranean and are home to some of the most incredible European beaches. As you step onto these white sandy-spit shores, you will see why people worldwide have been flocking to Greece for centuries to enjoy its warm Greek hospitality. With so many beaches on offer, there is something for everyone that will suit your style perfectly.

2. Greek food

Fresh Greek cuisine is a favorite among visitors to Greece, and as you sample some of these treats, you will see why. Whether fresh grilled fish or a delicious Greek salad, Greece’s food is authentic and incredible. It doesn’t matter if you are dining at a fine Greek restaurant or an outdoor taverna; what matters is that you enjoy the experience.

3. Seeing a Greek island sunset

As the sun sets over the horizon, you will want to take in more than its beauty. The rose and red hues that light up the sky as the sun sets are almost otherworldly. As you watch this captivating show, take some time to sip on your ouzo, which has been made in Greece for centuries and is a favorite among Greeks. As you do, remember that you are truly in paradise.


Greek sailing holidays are a wonderful way to explore the Greek islands. If you love the sun, the beach, and Greek cuisine, you should book your trip to Greece as soon as possible. With so many beautiful beaches and incredible experiences, there is something that everyone can enjoy while they visit this beautiful island nation.